The Logo Design Process

Enjoy Every Step Of The Way

Our relationships are built on trust and the passion for what we do.
You’ve come to us because you’re looking for an exceptional logo that catapults you miles in front of your competitors. You’re in the right place. We live and breathe design and chatting to you about your huge aspirations is the equivalent of receiving a pump-up speech from The Rock. It gets the energy flowing.

We believe in two key things. Clear communication and transparency.
You’re entrusting us with your project and that’s not something we take lightly. We understand and appreciate how beneficial regular conversation with our clients can be and we love getting on the phone for a chat. Whether it’s about your logo concepts or your eventful weekend, we’re keen to hear about it.

Project Steps

1. Get in touch and tell us about your project.

You’ve been planning your new business for weeks, maybe even months. Now you need a logo that is really going to capture the essence of your brand. You’ve come to the right place! Give us a call or drop us an email today.

2. We ask you all the important questions about your business.

We will provide you with our logo design questionnaire for you to fill out. This gives you the opportunity to give us all of the details about your project. From here we can begin in-depth research before starting on designs.

3. We begin researching your niche and your competitors.

We’ve received your completed logo design brief and understand the type of business you’re building. From here we begin analysis of your competitors and design trends specific to your industry such as font choices and colour schemes.

4. Design and development phase.

Research completed, we start sketching and experimenting with a number of initial ideas. The strongest designs from this stage are then refined into the first-round concepts which we then present to you for feedback.

5. We get your feedback.

We’ve sent you the initial logo design concepts and you’re thrilled with how they look! You’ve decided you like concept 2 and 3 the best and want to try some different colour combinations and a slightly different font. Coming right up!

6. Concept refinements.

This is an exciting stage as we begin to see your new, completed logo emerge. We make some small tweaks to the concept you like most and resubmit it to you for a final round of feedback and changes. You sign-off on the changes as it’s COMPLETED!

7. We send over your new logo.

Congratulations! We’ve finished your new logo and are preparing to send you final artwork. Included in the .zip file we send you is every file format you will ever need. You can provide these files to a printer or web designer and they will know how to use them.

8. Let’s begin on your stationery.

Your new logo is the centre-piece of your brand. From here we focus on taking ideas from your logo and begin applying them across all of your advertising mediums. These may include your business cards, letterheads and website!


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