Welcome To The Blog

Thanks for joining us in the new Dorne Creative blog series. In this collection of articles we will discuss everything from current design trends, what makes a logo effective, how a logo can affect the success of your business and everything in-between. We’re here to give you free, invaluable information that will help you start your new business and understand the importance of a well executed brand strategy and the steps you can take to set your business up for long-term success.

A little about us, we’re a young, vibrant team with a huge passion for creating modern yet timeless branding outcomes. We’ve worked with some amazing clients and they are the reason we love what we do every day. As a team of industry-leading designers and developers, our job is to take the huge vision you have for your business and bring it to life in an all-encompassing brand strategy that will form the backbone of your company.

It’s an exciting process and one that you can learn more about each week in this series as we take a deeper look at the way a company’s brand identity can influence everything, from employee morale to buyer confidence.

Next week we discuss why branding is important and some exciting resources we’re preparing for YOU. See you then!